Could Natural Crystals Help Your Yoga Practice?

Avid yogis are always seeking out the next best thing to help further their yoga practice. Many natural health practitioners have started to claim that natural gemstones could be the perfect tool. They’re surfacing everywhere in pop culture and top fashion magazines, but what makes them so ideal for yogis?

If you’ve ever considered some rose quartz, amethyst, or citrine for your practice, you can find out why these crystals are so helpful in these informative sections below.

How Do Natural Crystals Work?

Natural crystals are said to release a set of vibrations into the atmosphere. Each type of gemstone has a unique frequency, which is why each one has a different purpose and role. Some are supposed to alleviate physical ailments such as chronic insomnia or indigestion. Others help with emotional needs like increasing your peace or love, for instance.

Wearers are encouraged to shop at a natural crystal store before making their very first purchase. Walk through the store and hold up each individual stone. Natural crystal gurus state that you may not be able to physically feel the vibrations each stone gives off, but your body is likely to tell the difference. This can help you decide which stone has the most to offer to you at any given time.

How Does It Help Your Yoga?

A natural crystal necklace may not help you to achieve a more balanced headstand, but it can actually deepen your practice. Yogis who adhere to more traditional philosophy will likely experience more of these unique benefits. Consider what type of intention you regularly set for your yoga practice. This is ultimately what will influence the type of natural crystal that you should purchase.

Do you aim to be more mindful of your speech with others? Maybe you try to avoid anxiety and focus on the present moment. Some yogis may even aim to attract more love into their daily life, through romance or deeper friendships.

If you have on the right natural gemstone, you may be able to help encourage those things to come to pass in your daily life. The frequency of the crystal may help you to attract the right types of energy into your life, no matter what your intention is specifically. However, it also gives you a physical reminder of your intention throughout the day.

You can wear these natural crystals even when you aren’t on the yoga mat. Seeing a rose quartz bracelet during your workday may be a clear reminder that you need to have more loving intentions toward others. It’s a great and fashionable way to remind yourself that your yoga practice should extend beyond the boundaries of the mat.

Remember that a natural crystal shouldn’t be a substitute for medical attention when it comes to major issues. They can be useful tools to help supplement a yoga practice and bring your intentions to life. Take some time to research which types of stones will align with your practice, or browse through a local shop this weekend. You’ll find your favorite new accessory that actually serves a very useful purpose.

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