Exploring the Outdoors

Outdoor recreations are among the favorite activities for many people around the world. People who live in cities always look for a vacation or a weekend over in an open natural space such as parks, mountains, rivers, beaches, or alike. And people who live in the countryside always cherish their way of living closely related to outdoor activities.

Cycling, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, bird watching, yoga, running, swimming, fishing, paragliding, surfing, and so many other recreational and sports activities are carried away on outdoor locations.

One of the reasons why outdoor activities are so popular is the stimuli of the consciousness that it brings to be closely integrated with a natural environment. Cycling in an open field or doing Yoga in the woods feels very different from cycling in a steady bike inside a gym or doing yoga in a warehouse. 

The physical and mental benefits of practicing outdoor activities are innumerable. Relief of stress, calmness, a sense of natural connection, spiritual awakening, and inner peace are among the emotions that people who enjoy nature and outdoor activities describe feeling at some point while performing them. It also amplifies the human consciousness by integrating us with our surrounding natural environments.

But like any other activity, going outdoor for recreation requires some planning and basic preparations. The first step to keep in mind is to know where you are going and what activity you are going to perform.

Outdoor activities are always subjected to the weather, so it is also a good starting point to check the weather forecast. Once you got that clear, try to dress according to the situation, so if you are going to do surfing, bring your swimming wear and surfboard, but if you’re going to do yoga in the wilderness, don’t forget your mat and yoga leggings.

No matter where you are going it is always important to bring a towel. Food is also a must, a quick snack, such as fruits, raisins, power bars, peanuts or any other nuts are ideal. Water is vital, so bring as much as you can.

A way to sanitize your hands is also important, like antibacterial gel or organic soap.

If you are going to be exposed to the sun, remember to bring and wear a sun blocking cream. A hat is also very helpful on many occasions.

Matches and a lighter always come handy.

If you are going to go hiking, kayaking, or biking for long distances always bring a map or a GPS locator, since there is a risk of getting lost. Always inform others where you are heading and planning to go, and if possible you should provide a schedule with returning dates.

A good way to remember everything you have to bring is by making a checklist when preparing to go out. You can have different checklists for different outdoor activities. In that way, once you decide what outdoor activity to do in your spare time you can grab the appropriate checklist and start packing your bag right away without losing precious time that otherwise can be enjoyed in nature.

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