Let Yoga Dharma Wheel Recreate Your Practice!

You have probably noticed amazing yogi photos on social networking sites where a padded wheel with size a bit bigger than regular pizza was used as a prop. This fancy thing is called the Yoga Dharma Wheel. The prototype was invented by Sri Dharma Mittra, founder of the Dharma Yoga practice, and was later on developed by his son Yogi Varuna collaborating with Raquel Vamos. The Yoga Dharma Wheel is still continuing to conquer the market with its amazing uses today.

This innovation in the yoga tech allows beginners to safely approach backbends while still developing the strength, flexibility and courage needed to fully approach the posture. It helps seasoned Yogis to dive deeper into their backbends and understand the posture further. The Yoga Dharma Wheels allows creativity to take place while increasing the body’s mobility and overall strength.

Sprinkle Creativity!

Here are some Yoga postures that you can recreate with the Yoga Dharma Wheel to add more fun to your practice. Remember to listen to your body and don’t force any postures that feels unnatural or it may cause harm. Please proceed with caution or preferably under the supervision of an experienced Yoga teacher.

Roll and relax. Lay your back on the wheel and gently roll back and forth. Once you feel calmer, allow your body to fully rest on the wheel. Do not tense any muscle in the body. You can also bend your knees if you desire. Keep the wheel rolling till you feel fully relieved of any tension.

Open your shoulders. Placing the wheel on your higher beck will help make this posture easier. Extend your arms up and bend the elbows, reaching over the wheel. Bend your knees and plant your feet on the ground to aid you with pushing the body forward. Inhale, allow your chest to be fully filled with air and exhale, push forward using your feet, extending the arms a bit deeper, creating space on the shoulders. Hold the pose for 3-5 breaths.

Shoulder Stand. Allow your head and shoulder to rest on the ground while lying. Place your Dharma Yoga Wheel on your lower back and extend both your legs up. You can use your hand to support the wheel and avoid it form slipping.

Kapotasana. This variation of the posture will allow your psoas and hip flexors to open. Start with your knees on the floor (virasana/ hero pose) and place the wheel on your lower back near the foundations of your spine. Lie on the ground and place your hands in prayer. Gently push through your feet and knees while extending your hands towards the floor. Allow your back to totally drape on the wheel and avoid tensing your back. Staying in this posture for 3-5 breaths will help release any stress on the back, neck and shoulders.

The Yoga Dharma Wheel was a magnificent innovation that took Yoga practice to a whole new level. Always move with consciousness. Seek your doctor’s advice before starting your journey into Yoga or before incorporating the wheel into your practice. Listen to what your body is/isn’t capable of and always practice with good intention and self-awareness. To get your very own Dharma Yoga Wheel, click here!

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