Reasons Why Loud Music Can Be Harmful to Your Yoga Practice

There is no doubt that yoga can be enhanced by using music. There are numerous benefits that can be drawn from this. However, this may not always be the case, especially when the music used is loud and it contains lyrics. Here are five reasons why loud music can be detrimental to your yoga practice.

It Imposes Its Own Flavor and Emotions

This can happen in many ways. First, when a teacher offers music based purely on his or her taste, it imposes his or her flavor on others. This can negatively affect those who attended a class to relax and meditate. Secondly, it is hard to ignore the lyrics in loud music. One way or another, you will hear the words. This can keep a practitioner from concentrating or maintaining a meditative state.

It Can Make Focusing Difficult

Music on its own can stimulate the brain in a way that no other medium can. Listening to music opens emotional and auditory faculties. When this is combined with the lyrics in a song, concentrating or focusing can be very difficult. Now add the loud volume of a song to it and the situation becomes almost chaotic. Even conducting studies in a noisy environment has the same effect. It is impossible to concentrate.

It is also important to note that the use of music in yoga is a contemporary aspect of yoga. Traditional yoga tutors never used music. This is because silence was valued as a major factor in achieving a meditative state. When the lyrics are loud, and there are loud drums and guitars in a song, concentration can be impossible.

Lyrics can be Unintentionally Harmful

It is a known fact that suggestion in hypnotherapy can have the strong effect of altering someone’s behavior. This is the principle that Hypnotherapists use to control people’s mind. It is very easy to get affected by these suggestions when meditating.

Yoga creates the opportunity to be in this meditative state. This means that it is possible to control people’s behavior by using suggestive lyrics during a yoga practice. Since everyone is in silence, there is no way of escaping what is being said. Suggestive lyrics can easily embed commands in a person’s brain.

Communication Can Be Difficult

It is necessary to have constant communication between the teacher and the trainees during a yoga class. However, when the music is loud, it can be hard to hear what the teacher is saying. This can be considered an unnecessary distraction. One should not strain to hear the teacher since it breaks the flow in the motions.

Counterproductive in Stress Management

While calm music has the effect of calming nerves and emotions, loud music has the potential of doing the exact opposite. Loud music introduces stress and overstimulates the brain. This is followed by increased adrenaline and cortisol in the blood stream. All these have a very different effect from what yoga is intended to achieve. In fact, loud music at certain levels can damage your ears and it is unhealthy.

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