Tongue Scraping Yoga Cleansing Exercise

If you look at your tongue in the mirror when you wake up, you will see that it has a whitish, yellowish tinge. This coating on your tongue is referred to as amma, in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system. It is made up of toxins that prevent the digestion system from functioning at its best state. Too much of amma can result in reduced energy, weight gain, irregular hunger, and bloating. 

Tongue scrapping yoga practice has been practiced for many years in the Ayurvedic tradition. Yoga and its appreciated asanas looked strange when they first arrived in the West and even a bit shocking to many people. 

This yoga practice is a cleansing exercise whereby toxins are removed from the tongue each day to minimize the toxicity from the body and reduce its capability to accumulate over time. It is one of the methods of reducing amma from the system, particularly in the digestive system. It is among the Six Cleansing Kriyas, and it is a powerful way to detoxify and purify your body from inside-out, even though the ancient system may look bizarre. 

Tongue Cleaning Or Jiva Sodhana

Tongue cleaning or Jiva Sodhana is considered to be essential for the preservation of the teeth. The Caraka Samhita opined that the dirt collected at the root of the tongue creates hindrances in respiration and creates a foul smell. For this reason, you should scrape your tongue as part of your yoga cleansing exercise. 

White film on top of the tongue means that there are quite a lot of bacteria living there. The practice of tongue scraping gets rid of the white color waste products from the surface of the tongue and boosts the effective functioning of taste buds. In addition, this yoga cleansing exercise ensures a clean or tidy milieu for excellent dental hygiene and reduces bad breath or halitosis

History revealed that yogis have been practicing tongue scraping for hundreds of years. In fact, the ancient science of Ayurveda has educated that cleaning of tongue triggers the salivary glands and it invigorates the throat. Ayurvedic physicians always advise patients to clean their tongues when they complain of having a recurrent sore throat. 

On the other hand, sinus infections can gain from cleaning the tongue. If your nose is blocked by mucous, stopping the passage of air, you will need to breathe out your mouth, making the bacteria increase. However, the surplus mucus and any other trivial infection is taken out by scraping your tongue regularly with a tongue cleaner. Your tongue is clean if it is rosy-pink in color.

How To Do Yoga Cleansing Exercise

You will need a Cleaner Tongue Scrapper or simply a Tongue Scrapper for this exercise.


  • Rinse the tongue scraper thoroughly before use.
  • Stick out your tongue
  • Hold both ends of the tongue scraper in your hand
  • Reach the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of your tongue
  • Scrape to the front several times 
  • Rinse the white mucous off the scraper between scrapings
  • Rinse your mouth and the scraper thoroughly once you are done.

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