Yoga Pants All Day

Yoga pants all day long? Yes, please.

Girls are made for style, right? Even though I’m not your typical girly girl, I have always loved style (as in styling myself, others or other things for that matter – apartments, work spaces, cars, patios, etc.). But my style has not always conformed to the norm. For this article, we can call it ‘out there.’ But there are always ways to edit it down (or up, if you prefer).

I like the style that is comfortable, yet chic. But nothing really beats comfort. So, I try to opt for natural textiles.

I think yoga pants are a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe and there is no such thing as having too many. They are so versatile that you can combine them with pretty much anything and dress them up or down. Also, there are no pants that feel as comfortable on as yoga pants.

I would say I use yoga pants for the base of the majority of my outfits. Here are some examples:

1. Paired with a dress

With some pumps or espadrilles in the summer for a more relaxed vibe, or booties during winter. Wearing your hair up also lets the dress shine through. To additionally elevate the look, you should pair it with the right number of accessories (my motto is the more the merrier). There you have a great first date outfit, or you’re ready for a casual meeting; possibly just a coffee shop or grocery haul outing.

2. A tunic for a little more casual look

Tunics call for a more bohemian look. So to elevate the free vibe, I would then also style my hair with a band, let my hair down and pretend I’m in the 70s.

3. A t-shirt and a jacket with a cozy scarf

And you look athletically chic. Now you’re ready to tackle your most demanding fitness practice or rock the look on your walk through the city.

4. To have under a pair of shorts and a nicer top

This would even work for more serious occasions.

5. To have under a skirt

To keep your legs warm, because its either winter or early in the morning when it’s still crisp out.

Find what works for you. It might be a pop of color, a patch of a different material like lace or leather. I know that black has always been my go-to color. I’m not color-adventurous, but I like to mix materials and play with different cuts. Lately, I have noticed an uprising trend of cutouts filled with mesh materials on thighs and/or calves, which I think look fabulous. Find an element that you like and make sure that it emphasizes the parts of your legs you’re proud of

I also like zippers on the side, as you can easily pair those pants in any of the above-mentioned combinations and rock the look. Zippers look like jewelry, which I also like wearing, but feels rather distracting when worn in some of the fitness classes. So, zippers are an easy undercover way to sneak in some bling.

You might be a little (or a lot) crazy like me, and find inspiration for your outfits in things you encounter or foods you eat.

So, take coconut for example; they boast their rich texture, being hard and fuzzy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

The other layer gives me inspiration for winter time outfits, which might be something like a black pair of yoga pants with leather inserts, and a faux fur blazer layered over a plain white long sleeve T-shirt. Paired with a fuzzy pair of boots or rain wellies, you’re good to head out the door to your yoga class. Or if your work is more of a freelance type, you could style the ensemble with a fedora hat, some jewelry and rock your workday at the office.

While summer coconut inspired outfit would look something like a pair of white, or lighter tone, yoga pants, paired with equally light toned tunic top and gladiator sandals or barefoot (for those hippies like myself), a big straw hat and jewelry made of rope resembling the sailing vibes. A natural darker tone of sports bra will bring some opposing tones to the ensemble, and make your sun-kissed skin glow at your next yoga class. You’re equally good to rock the summer party where they are sure to serve some coconut infused mouthwatering drinks.

You might be more color-adventurous then I am, and I would love to hear back from you where you find inspiration for dressing up your yoga pants.

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